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Leading manufacturers of Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems In Bangalore We offer to our clients superior quality range of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner. Due to high quality and durability these Ultrasonic Cleaner are famous among their users. These products are available in market at most economical rates. Our products are highly appreciated by our clients in the market.


PROGRESSIVE ULTRASONICS specializes in manufacture of Textile Reed Cleaning Machine. This machines are manufactured specially for cleaning of the Textile Reeds of 4 meters & 2 meters length at a time. The characteristic feature of Ultrasonic Cleaning is that mechanical energy in the form of high intensity, high frequency sound waves are radiated in the cleaning liquid. This results in the build-up and collapse of large number of minute vacuum bubbles within the liquid. This phenomenon known as CAVITATION is responsible for special scrubbing action which ensures a thorough cleaning of all immersed surfaces, holes, recesses, crevices and other inaccessible areas.

ultrasonic loom reed cleaning machine in bangalore

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems & High Pressure Spray- Jet Cleaning Systems & SPM’s :

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the ultimate automated modern Technology in Industrial, Laboratories, PCB’s & Medical Cleaning. Some of the typical manufacturing contamination’s & coatings like, oil, grease, fats, waxes, cutting fluids, Lapping, Buffing & Polishing Compounds, Dust dirt, salts, blood, loose burrs, Finger Prints, flux residues etc. are removed by this modern method.

In an ultrasonic cleaner, the object to be cleaned is placed in a chamber containing a suitable solution. In aqueous cleaners, the chemical added is a surfactant which breaks down the surface tension of the water base. An ultrasound generating transducer built into the chamber, or lowered into the fluid, produces ultrasonic waves in the fluid by changing size in concert with an electrical signal oscillating at ultrasonic frequency. This creates compression waves in the liquid of the tank which ‘tear’ the liquid apart, leaving behind many millions of microscopic ‘voids’ or ‘partial vacuum bubbles’ (cavitation). This results in cleaning of the parts.

ultrasonic loom reed cleaning machine

PROGRESSIVE ULTRASONICS Offers you most advanced and most effective High Pressure Spray Jet Washing & Cleaning equipments for Industrial Applications with indigenous technology.

The Standard Model SP-4-25

The Standard Model has tank size of 600x600x300mm. The tank has a S S Basket of Diameter 500mm which rotates at a speed of 7-8 RPM. The Spray Manifolds are fixed at the Bottom, Top and the Sides of the tank. S S high Pressure Pump of 4 Bar is fitted on to the Storage tank. High Pressure Jet is spared on the components to be cleaned. This machine can effectively remove contaminations like Oil, Durt, Dust, Strains Marks etc. Our standard equipments come with SS wire mesh Basket, Mechanical Timer & Thermostatically controlled Heaters.

ultrasonic loom reed cleaning machine in bangalore


Industrial ovens are heated chambers used for a variety of industrial applications, including drying, curing, or baking components, parts or final products. These ovens can be used for large or small volume applications, in batches or continuously with a conveyor line, and a variety of temperature ranges, sizes and configurations. Such ovens are used in many different applications, including chemical processing, food and even in the electronics industry, where circuit boards are run through a conveyor oven to attach surface mount components.

Some common types of industrial ovens include:

  • Curing ovens – Designed to cause a chemical reaction in a substance once a specific temperature is reached. Powder coating is one common curing oven use.
  • Drying ovens – Designed to remove moisture. Typical applications are pre-treating and painting. Such ovens are also sometimes known as kilns.
  • Baking ovens – Combines the function of curing and drying ovens.
  • Conveyor or Continuous Ovens – Typically part of an automated conveyor processing line, conveyor ovens allow for higher volume processing.
  • ultrasonic loom reed cleaning machine