What We Do

Progressive Ultrasonics offers a wide range of Single Chamber & Multi Chamber Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning systems. Powerful ultrasonic oscillations produced by a solid state generators/ SMPS based generators are converted into mechanical vibrations by PZT transducers. These vibrations produce intense scrubbing action through out the liquid media which in-turn pulls out the contaminants from hidden recess & cleaves of complicated assemblies. Ultrasonic also accelerating chemical action of cleaning media (water and solvents)
These Cleaning systems normally have 3 stages – Pre-cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing / Drying system. The system is ideal for degreasing, De-rusting, De-scaling, De-carbonising and other cleaning requirements of Automobile engineering, Electrical and Electronics and Textile Industries. Continuous filtration, Re-circulation, Automatic Distillation, Water Separation, and Automatic / Semi-Automatic Material Transfer System are the features of the system. Fume extractions and chilling plant facilities are optional. The cleaning systems custom built are also available.

Our standard equipments come with SS wire mesh basket, mechanical timer & thermostatically controlled heaters


Our Business

Table top models, Single & Multi-Chamber Systems
Our standard equipments come with SS wire mesh Basket, Mechanical Timer & Thermostatically controlled Heaters.

Applications of the Cleaners
Chemical: Degassing chemical reaction, De-scaling.

Textiles: Spinneret’s, Candle Filters, Textile Machine Components

Electronics/ Electrical: Stamping fungus, Motors, Rotors, Stators, Relays, Switches, Switch gear components, Ceramic substrates, Thyristors, Quartz crystals, Transistors, Capacitors, Button cells, Thermionic valves, PCB's, ph electrodes,

Automoblies: Bearings, Diesel Engine Components, Shock Absorbers, Brake Drums, Pistons, Clutch Plates, Fuel Pumps& Nozzles, Crank Shafts, Valves, Filters, Blades, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders & blocks.

Hospital: Laboratory Glass Wares, Surgical Instruments, Needles, Dental Equipments, ENT Instruments & Blood Oxygenators.

General: Optical Lenses, Jewellary, Watch/ Clock Parts, Wires, Ball Pen tips & Nibs, Precious Metal Plating, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Titanium & SS Parts etc.


Who We Are
Progressive Ultrasonics is a company established a decade back. It consists of a group of Engineers having around 10 years of experience in the field of Ultrasonics. The aim of the company is to manufacture state of arts machines especially in Ultrasonics and render most reliable services to the customers. The main products of the company are Ultarsonic Cleaners, and spares like S S Baskets Fixtures, Jigs etc .
Some of Our Customers Include Bharat Electronics Ltd, Bosch ltd, APC Ltd, B’lore. TTK-LIG Ltd. Pondycherry., CNC Automotive Ltd. B’lore., TITAN Industries Ltd (Watch division) –Hosur, Rotary Electronics (P) Ltd, Kaptronics Pvt. Ltd. Unilever Research India Pvt Ltd.- B’lore. Etc.